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You should FLEE!

I used to think I was tough. You know, spiritually tough. Especially after I just came from a great church service or something like that. I would feel like I could take on the world. Like nothing could make me slip up. Nothing could make me fall. Like temptation cant affect me. Nope, not at all.

But the Bible says FLEE TEMPTATION.

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You ever felt so good, so close to God, that you are just not beat for the mess that used to get you? Felt invincible, like you are just so on fire, you can almost feel the “S” on your chest? Or, you ever been so fed up with the mistakes you have made in the past that you just want to face them head on just to prove that they don’t have power over you anymore? You ever just wanted to beat up the things that have been beating you up? Sometimes, after a great speech or inspiring sermon, you feel like you are unstoppable…

But the Bible says FLEE TEMPTATION.

How about this…you ever flirt with disaster? You know, tell yourself that you will only do “a little bit” of the wrong thing, but not go all out? I mean, not that you don’t WANT to go all out, but you are trying to be better than that. On the other hand, you don’t want to completely deprive yourself, right? So you make that “small” compromise to indulge JUST A LITTLE. Telling yourself that you wont completely give in, you know, because you’re stronger than that…

But the Bible says FLEE TEMPTATION.

Here’s the hard truth: the only reason it is a temptation is because there is already a part of you that REALLY WANTS whatever it is that you are not supposed to have. And the ONLY reason you are not supposed to have it, is because its not good FOR you. For the moment, it might be good TO you, but it is definitely not good FOR you. And since God loves you like he does, He gave us these incredible words of wisdom..


Don’t wrestle with it. Don’t compete with it. Don’t flirt with it. Don’t try to convince yourself that you are stronger than it. Just run. Like your life depended on it. Because it probably does.

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