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Staying in Tune With God’s Plan

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Have you ever tried something and got the results you wanted and then tried the same thing again and got different results? This happened to Moses in the Bible. They needed water and God told Moses to strike the rock, (Exodus 17:6). He struck the rock and water flowed out freely. Another time they needed water again, and God told Moses, “Speak to the rock.” However, Moses did not speak to the rock, he struck the rock, not once but twice; (Numbers 20:8-11). He thought, “Hey, it worked last time. It’ll work this time.” It worked alright, water flowed abundantly but he didn’t follow God’s command. God did the miracle, yet Moses was taking credit for it by saying “must we bring you water from this rock?” Moses disobeyed God’s direct command and dishonored God in the presence of His people. For this, he was forbidden to enter the promised land. 

The point is that we have to stay open and make adjustments by staying in tune with God’s plan/commands/directives.

We can do the same thing the same way we did last time and get different results. It may not be something major, but like Moses, maybe it’s just something slightly different.

Sometimes a small step, a small adjustment, can make a major difference in the whole outcome.

Today, let’s make sure we aren’t doing things just because it’s the way we always did it before. Instead, let’s listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit of God inside us. Let’s follow His leading and stay in tune with the wonderful plans He has for us.


"Heavenly Father, we submit our minds and hearts to You. Help us see clearly what Your plans are for us. Help us to stay close to You always, not living in the past, but pressing forward to the new things You have in store for us in Jesus’ Mighty Name!"

Amen + Amen 


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