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I Wanna Be MORE….

You ever stop to think about it? I mean REALLY think about it? The stuff Jesus went through so that I could have a chance at eternal life….

Imagine being raised in a house where people thought his mom was either a cheater, or maybe just a little bit insane. Imagine never really fitting in… even his parents don’t really get him. And when he got older, he went from being popular to infamous, in less than a week.

Not to mention what He went through physically. Have you ever really tried to imagine the horror of the physical torture He endured to assure your freedom from the penalty of sin? Whipped. Punched. Spit on. He had His beard pulled and ripped off His face! Beaten with a whip dipped in thick oil and covered in glass, rock, and metal. Betrayed by the people closest to Him. Hated by the ones He loved and came to save.

What an expensive price to pay.

And, how do we treat this gift that’s being offered? How do we respond to a love that is clearly greater than any other love we have ever experienced? Do we openly and powerfully devote ourselves to the One that paid such a price for our freedom? Or do we offer Him the occasional Sunday morning thank you… that is, if I’m not too tired or otherwise occupied?

But personally, I want to be MORE.

I want to be more than just another person that goes to church. More than just someone who calls themselves a Christian, but then makes excuses for why I don’t really look like/act like/ behave like Christ. I wanna be more than a hypocrite, reading and reciting scriptures that I like, while ignoring the ones that convict me. I wanna be the kind of person that treats my gift of salvation like the precious, expensive, valuable thing it is. The kind of person that recognizes that he is in possession of something so precious, that his very life depends on how he handles it. I want to give my salvation and relationship with God the kind of 24/7 attention and devotion that it deserves.

Because He is worth it.


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