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There is a scripture that says, "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST, WHO STRENGTHENS ME." It’s a really strong statement when you stop to think about it. But it's also not as simple as it sounds.


Does that really mean ALL THINGS?? Like anything?? Well, if you decide to try to use the first part of the verse and ignore the rest, then that just might be the conclusion you draw. But no. It doesn’t mean you can do anything/everything. It doesn’t mean you should go jumping off a roof and thinking that now you can fly. It doesn’t mean you can now move things with your mind, or shoot laser beams out of your eyes. I mean, I know I’m using some crazy examples right now, but I’m just trying to prove a point. So, when it says I CAN DO ALL THINGS, what is it really talking about? THROUGH CHRIST.

See, this part is the key. This is the part that brings it down to Earth. Yes, the first part says I can do all things, but only THROUGH CHRIST. In other words, whatever I am trying to do should not be done through ME. Should not be done in my own strength, or completely in my own will. In fact, if you think about it, in order for me to something THROUGH CHRIST, I would need HIS PERMISSION to do it. Which now narrows down the ALL THINGS that I can do…. WHICH STRENGTHENS ME!

He strengthens me. HE strengthens ME. That must imply that I don’t have strength or I don’t have ENOUGH strength on my own. Have you ever felt like that? Like you don’t have what it takes to succeed? Like you just don’t have it to carry on? Well, here is a great piece of encouragement for you. HE strengthens US. When we do things THROUGH CHRIST, then He will strengthen us, just when we need it most. He will give us just what we need to carry on, to make it through, and to be successful. As long as WE stay in HIM, then HE will strengthen US.

OK, so by now, we should have a better idea of what this whole thing has been saying. Basically, ANYTHING that I would like to do that I have CHRIST’S PERMISSION to do, I will be given the STRENGTH TO DO. There are some things you tried to do, but it didn’t work. Makes you wonder about the ALL THINGS part. But, as we submit our plans more and more to the will of God, and get His permission before we move forward, we will find ourselves operating with a special kind of confidence. A strength that comes from knowing that The Almighty has my back in this endeavor. Which means, no matter the obstacle, nothing can convince me that the task will not be completed. Nothing can convince me that I will lose. Because as long as I am IN CHRIST, I CAN DO ALL THINGS.

In HIS Service!


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