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Fix The Environment

When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.


There is the environment of police brutality against people of color that needs to be fixed but also the heart of people need to change because out of the heart emits issues of life.

Your silence at this time isn't golden. It's your empathy that's golden. It's your ability to take a moment and ask yourself, "Has it been that bad and I didn't pay attention to it at all?"

Chances are that you took it all lightly and found a place to stack it up with other social issues that are too time consuming to deal with at the moment.

2020 has brought with it a virus and masks, police brutality and fiery riots, and it's just June.

This is a decade of roaring changes.

A decade of awakening is here. Something is shifting in the air and its pliable. The light is shining in the darkness and out of that light, I have seen kindness where there was indifference, awareness where there was ignorance and empathy were there was blatant dismissal.

As long as there are good hearted people in America, fear will subside, brotherly love will continue and the flowers will grow.

Police departments must undergo racial sensitivity training, and be investigated often for any abuse of power against the minorities.

A new America is emerging post Coronavirus and post George Floyd. A America that leads in human rights by example and not just by some words on a paper.

By simply watching television or seeing images and live feeds of the protests across the land, one could tell that something has shifted in the minds of this new generation because most of the peaceful protesters were young people.

There's a demand for a new environment in America social structure because the flowers growing up right now are new.

I'm so thankful for the parents who have had difficult conversations with their kids about racial inequalities and injustices.

In the words of Frederick Douglas, "It is easier to raise string children than to repair broken men."


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